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This is a short story that is about 250 words.  I like it.  It's been edited, so I like it even better than the first run through.  If anyone else likes it or has suggestions, let me know. 


The lights were on, but the sign said keep out. He stood waiting in the darkness, with his hands in his coat pockets, trying not to shiver. He stared at the doorstep, littered with mushrooms, built out of a tree and tried to decide if the man inside would turn him away or turn him into a toadstool.

Marek was odd but the wizard was his only hope. Ignoring the sign, he approached the door and knocked. The door creaked ajar. No one stood in the opening.

A voice beckoned from inside, "Come, Faine."

Faine shuffled in and looked, still seeing no one. The voice whispered from the darkness from an old battered chair. "What do you want, Faine?"

Faine crept closer, trying not to tempt the wizard into doing anything prematurely. He crouched in front of the chair, running a troubled hand through sun shot hair. Shadows hid the wizard's face. Faine imagined a stern face, dark flowing hair, silver eyes watching.

Faine stretched out one lean hand beseechingly and said, "Change."

Marek leaned forward. "You know what you are requesting, correct? Once I do this thing, you can never go back to who you were."

Faine nodded, he leaned closer, whispering, "I've lost everything. I need time to find the answer, to find my parents. I can't go back so now I must go forward. Change, Marek. It's all I ask of you."

"So be it."

And the spell was cast.


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